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Up your game with uCOACHu to improve your swing, achieve consistency and have fun on the golf course.

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uCOACHu empowers you with your own on demand golf swing analysis and personalised improvement plans to transform your golf game.

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You can record either front on or side on. For best results remember to record so that you can see the whole swing in the frame.


Our cutting-edge AI-powered swing analysis will dissect your swing, providing instant feedback and pinpointing areas for improvement.


From beginner to pro, our app will guide you through drills and exercises through a personalised plan designed to enhance your game.

Impressive AI in your pocket

Personalised golf swing improvement plans using world-class AI technology, to help you up your game.


With over 10,000 hours of swings, our swing engine utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and provide insights on a golfer's swing.


Based on the analysis, our swing engine provides feedback and recommendations to you in a personalised program, highlighting the key areas you need to fix.

Our plans

uCOACHu empowers you with your own on demand golf swing analysis and personalised improvement plans to transform your golf game.

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Access to unlimited analysis for 24 hours.
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Pay monthly for unlimited swing analysis. Cancel anytime.
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12 month access to your unlimited swing analysis 24/7.
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What they say

It is the most exciting golf product I have seen in many years. I can take a quick video and have the correct analysis at my finger tips in a matter of seconds.

Mark Brown

I can practice effectively at home, doing short sessions that I can fit into my day. The analysis is outstanding, the videos brilliant, and the drills extremely useful.

Jeff Wilson
4.8 Handicap

If my swing goes bad during a round of golf, I now feel I can get my swing back on track during the round focusing on my work ons from the app - not trying some random swing tip that I’ve seen on YouTube!

Anna Callendar
7.8 Handicap

As the app's top user, I proudly benefit from the invaluable instruction. It empowers me to master my swing, stay on track, and take full control of my game at my own pace. It's truly priceless.

Stephen Thomson
1 Handicap

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About us

We’re on a mission to empower every golfer to up their game to achieve consistency and enjoyment on the golf course.

We believe all golfers, no matter the level should have access to top-quality instruction in an affordable and accessible way.

Hailing from New Zealand, our team of data scientists and golf coach professionals have proudly developed our world-class AI technology that is revolutionizing the world of golf coaching, offering personalized golf-swing instruction for you to use anywhere, anytime.  

Beyond building a product you love, we’re proud to be empowering every golfer to unlock their inner potential, no matter the size of your goal.